Clean Room Pass Box
Clean Room Pass Box
Clean Room Pass Box
Clean Room Pass Box
Clean Room Pass Box
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Clean room pass box(also pass through box) is an auxiliary device for clean room. It is mainly used for transferring of small items between clean areas of different classes of cleanliness, also between clean area and non-clean area, to reduce the number of times the clean room is opened, and to reduce the possibility of polluting the clean room to a minimum level. The pass box is made of stainless steel and is plain and smooth. The double doors are interlocked to each other to effectively prevent air exchange and cross-contamination. They are equipped with electronic or mechanical interlocking devices and ultraviolet germicidal lamps.

Dynamic clean room pass box can remain self-cleaning, it also has the function as air locks to prevent air convection between different clean rooms.

  • The thickness of the stainless steel is 1.0mm. Meanwhile, the product is equipped with ultraviolet lamp with the power of 10W and the wavelength of 254nm.
  • It can get the ideal sterilization effect. In addition, the embedded type installation of ultraviolet lamp can reduce the contact possibility of delivered articles and ultraviolet lamp tube to ensure safe use. Clean room pass box is generally made of stainless steel plate, which can effectively avoid rust. Two doors are electronic interlocking, can not be opened at the same time. Both doors are double-glazed, and the surface is flat, not easy to accumulate dust, and easy for cleaning.

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