Cleanroom Door
Cleanroom Door
Cleanroom Door
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Cleanroom doors are widely used in clean rooms of pharmaceuticals, hospital, food, cosmetics and electronics manufacturing industries.
Fireproof, durable, beautiful appearance, neat, flush with wall panels, easy to clean, good tightness.
No. Name Material Remarks
1 Door material PCGI steel or stainless steel, or alunimum alloy
3 Inside panel Fillings: paper honeycomb, aluminum honeycomb, rock-wool Flame retardant(optional)
4 Closer GMT,Grown
5 Observation window 5mm double hollow tempered glass arc window 0.8mm lining plate of stainless steel, size:386mm×586mm arc
6 Locks High-end stainless steel handle lock Electronic interlock optional
7 Sweeping strip Sweeping strip of automatic lift Good elasticity, permanent
8 Surface treatment Color never fade-less, anti-static coating for steel surface, color can be customized
9 Other parts Stainless steel hinge, silicone seal
General size:
Single door: 800mmx2100mm,900mmx2100mm,1000mmx2100mm,
Double door: 1200mmx2100mm, 1500mmx2100mm, 1800mmx2100mm.
Sliding door:1200mmx2100mm
Remarks: All door type can be customized according to customer’s requirements
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