H2O2 VHP Pass Box
H2O2 VHP Pass Box
H2O2 VHP Pass Box
H2O2 VHP Pass Box
H2O2 VHP Pass Box
H2O2 VHP Pass Box
H2O2 VHP Pass Box
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Hydrogen peroxide (VHP) sterilization pass box by integrating vaporization of hydrogen peroxide sterilization sterilization on all items exposed surfaces inside the pass box, using hydrogen peroxide gas than the liquid state at room temperature is more advantage of the ability to kill spores, the generation of free hydroxyl, ingredients used to attack cells, including lipid, protein and DNA, instead of traditional ultraviolet disinfection method, to achieve a total sterilization requirements; Vaporized hydrogen peroxide sterilization is suitable for low-temperature sterilization of products. Vaporized hydrogen peroxide has good material compatibility, easy to decompose, and eventually decompose into water and oxygen, without harmful residue. Mainly used in pharmaceutical industry aseptic clean room and clean room between the material transfer, can achieve the requirements of aseptic material transfer.

Ø The whole line design, material, manufacture, assembly, debugging and so on met the new GMP pharmaceutical production specification requirements;

Ø Using hydrogen peroxide vapor (VHP) as biological detergent, it can effectively kill fungi, bacteria, spores and viruses;

Ø VHP is the low temperature, atmospheric pressure condition of decontamination technology, broad spectrum, high efficiency, environmental protection; Hydrogen peroxide steam sterilization is also the United States, China and other countries in the pharmacopoeia "sterilization method" included in the method;

Ø VHP pass box uses the elevation arc structure, modular design, on-site assembly;

Ø In biological decontamination and exhaust phase, all the air into the chamber through the H14 HEPA filter, prevent secondary pollution materials;

Ø Room temperature sterilization cycle time: < 120 min (according to the biological material load, load method, and validation method);

Ø VHP residue levels: < 1 PPM (residue level determined by the technological requirements);

Ø Sterilization concentration curve range: 0-1000 ppm;

Ø Chamber sealing effect: in 500 pa pressure, leakage rate is not more than 5% within 10 minutes

Ø Wind speed: 0.35 to 0.65 m/s, the wind speed is adjustable;

Ø Has many alarm functions: high pressure and low pressure alarm; Opening overtime alarm; Lock the door and alarm

Ø The VHP pass box has sterilization cycle parameters data saving and printing functions;

Ø The VHP pass box has high efficient filtered air flow protection, when open both doors, it will form an airlock status to prevent cross contamination;

Ø Inlet and discharge to the 2 doors structure, with a pneumatic sealing, locking and the working status of the two-door interlock function, reliable sealing;

Ø Can achieve fast and efficient sterilization, equipment operation with low cost and easy for verification;

Ø Has exhaust device, remove excess hydrogen peroxide decomposition, avoid residues

Ø Automatic hydrogen peroxide charging device can be configured, add fluid can be automatically according to the sterilization conditions;

Ø Configurable high and low concentration detection system, detection of hydrogen peroxide concentration in the process of sterilization;

Ø Configurable cavity internal cart type sterilization bracket and rail system, supporting facilities, such as cavity in vitro transfer car, convenient material handling;

Ø Configurable data acquisition system, can hold, such as temperature, humidity, vacuum pressure data in real-time detection and real-time print;

Ø Can be configured to monitor hydrogen peroxide concentration of gas, dust particles and planktonic bacteria port;

Ø Configurable integrated VHP generator system without external VHP generator, better evaporated into gas, the hydrogen peroxide liquid to achieve better effect of sterilization, sterilization programmed temperature, accused of wet

Ø Configurable chamber leakage rate automatic test procedures; With leak alarm function;

Ø Adopts programmable controller (PLC) automation control equipment at various stages of operation, with the human touch screen operation interface, operation process clear, system work stable and reliable;

Ø Control convenient and good sterilization effect, energy saving and high security;

Ø Can realize customization according to customer's actual demand.

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