Pharmaceuitical Preparation System
Pharmaceuitical Preparation System
Pharmaceuitical Preparation System
  • Advantages
1.we have automatic welding equipment that can manufacture stainless steel pressure vessel
2.we have different kinds of technologies for surface treatment of the stainless steel container:
a. 400# + electrobrightening Ra0.4µm; 400#+600#+800#+2 electrobrightening Ra0.28µm
b.Surface sandblasting and surface matte sanding Ra≤0.6

c.Electrolytic polishing technologies

3.we have workshop and equipment for mechanical mixing
4.we have the devices for physical and chemical analysis of materials, thickness inspection and inner surface roughness test.
The system design and manufacturing are totally in compliance with FDA requirements; the pressure vessel meets the national relevant standards and the requirements for pressure vessel safety inspection; meet the relevant requirements for equipment installation.

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