Turnkey Cases
Turnkey Cases

Shanghai Marya Cleanroom design and installation team has helped owners in USA, UK, Russia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Italy, Malta, Poland, Iran, Israel, Uzbekistan, Ecuador, Panama, Argentina, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Myanmar build their plants with GMP/ISO/FDA standard clean room requirement, and won a good reputation.

Bangladesh Clean Room Project

Industry: a famous Bangladesh pharmaceutical factory who produces capsules, tablets and other solid preparations, suspensions, injections.
Clean room area: 3000 square meters
Cleanliness class: class B+D
Products: Cleanroom turnkey project with whole supply of cleanroom materials, equipment, HVAC system, granulation line, etc.

Bangladesh Clean Room Project

Industry: Pharmaceutical Industry
Clean room area: about 1200 square meters
Cleanliness level: Class C+D
Products supplied by Marya: sandwich panels, cleanroom doors, cleanroom double-layer windows, aluminum alloy accessories, epoxy floor, cleanroom lights, interlocking system, pass box, FFU, etc.

Israel Clean Room

Industry: Cannabis Cultivation

Clean room area: 812m2

Cleanliness level: ISO8 + CNC
Products supplied by Marya: Cleanroom decorative materials, like hand-made double-sided glass-magnesium rock wool sandwich panel for ceiling, hand-made rock wool sandwich panel for walls, hand-made PU sandwich panel, cleanroom doors, windows, double door pass box, Aluminum gusset, PVC floor, etc.

Malta Clean Room Project

Industry: Pharmaceutical Industry

Clean room area: about 600 square meters

Cleanliness level: C+D level

Products supplied by Marya: Rock wool sandwich wall panel, double glass magnesium rock wool sandwich panel, cleanroom steel door, automatic sliding door, cleanroom double-layer window, aluminum alloy accessories, epoxy resin floor, cleanroom panel light, Interlocking system for doors, ordinary pass box, etc.

Dominican Powder Filling Line Project

This customer is a Dominican pharmaceutical company that manufactures OTC medications, ethical medicines and generic drugs in softgel capsules, tablets, powder forms packaged in blisters or bottles.

Products supplied: Pharmaceutical production lines such as vial washing sterilizing filling capping production line for powder, labeling machine, mixer, automatic vacuum feeding machine, etc.

Indonesia Vial Powder Filling Line Project

Industry: This client is a comprehensive pharmaceutical factory that produces various tablets, powders and liquids. It is a leading pharmaceutical enterprise in Indonesia.

Products supplied by Marya: We have provided 2 powder filling lines with Isolator and Glove leakage detecter, both 2 lines are used for syrup powder filling, the filling volume is 60ml with a capacity of 150 bottles/min, with reliable quality and very competitive price. Customer is very satisfied with our service.

Iranian Veterinary Vaccine Filling Production Line

Industry: Pharmaceutical Industry
Clean room area: about 3255 square meters
Cleanliness level: C+D level

We have provided the decoration system, electric system, automatic control and HVAC system and all the production machinery for the entire project in a turnkey solution way, along with on-site installation and construction services

Turnkey Cases
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