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VHP generator sterilization refers to the process of killing and removing all microorganisms and their spores.
Dry fog sterilization mainly refers to converting liquid hydrogen peroxide into "dry fog" particles less than 5 microns by physical means, which can be diffused in clean area that needs sterilization, so as to achieve the effect of sterilization. (This method can also be called atomization sterilization)
It sterilizes the whole space and surface of clean area through dry fog high purity and high-activity hydrogen peroxide. Through professional sterilization programs and software, it provides a set of thorough, convenient, safe, environmentally friendly and reliable best methods for space sterilization of aseptic clean areas. At the same time, the challenging experiment of bacterial spore biological indicator can achieve killing effect of log4-6 power. The most important characteristics of the system are: good sterilization effect, short operation time, no sporicide residue, no corrosion in environment, low use cost and perfect verification support.

1、Efficient biological decontamination ability: plasma hydrogen peroxide can quickly and thoroughly oxidize surface microorganisms to water, oxygen and carbon dioxide, with short sterilization time and high efficiency.

2、Unique function of removing residue: using hydrogen peroxide remover can quickly return plasma gaseous hydrogen peroxide to water and oxygen without ventilation, short residual time, high efficiency and no risk.

3、Biological decontamination does not need humidity control, because sterilization efficiency of plasma hydrogen peroxide in high humidity environment is similar to that in low humidity environment, so it is not necessary to control environmental humidity.

4、VHP sterilization concentration real-time monitoring, recording sterilization concentration curve and report.





Biological Decontamination

Killing ability of thermophilic fatty spores is 106

Air Filter Efficiency


Plasma Hydrogen Peroxide Concentration


Plasma Generation

106 P/min

106 P/min

107 P/min

Airflow Rate




Biological Decontamination Volume








Vaporization Temp.


Working Voltage

AC220V±22V    50Hz±1Hz

Outline Dimension




Sterilizing Agent

Not less than 30% food grade hydrogen peroxide solution

Operating Mode

Continuous working

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