VHP Sterilization Machine
VHP Sterilization Machine
  • Application of VHP Sterilization Machine
  • Working Principle of VHP Sterilization Machine
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  • Technical Data of VHP Sterilization Machine
VHP sterilization machine is a highly effective non-toxic and harmless biological decontamination equipment and has been widely used in the pharmaceutical industry and hospital.It is suitable for online sterilization of isolators, lyophilizers, sterile dispensing tanks, sterile transfer Windows and small space clean rooms in laboratory and production line

The vaporized hydrogen peroxide sterilization machine does not need to heat or dehumidify the environment, and it adops advanced patented flash evaporation technology to generate high-concentration nano-scale hydrogen peroxide molecules, which are uniformly diffused into the disinfected space and reach a saturated state and form micro-condensation on the surface of objects and microparticles, releasing hydroxyl radicals to kill the pathogenic microorganisms, and achieve the desired disinfection effect. Immediately, the vaporized hydrogen peroxide sterilizer rapidly degrades the HPV into oxygen and water vapor until the HPV concentration is <1 ppm, thus to complete the entire sterilization process.

1. Multi-angle three-dimensional air injection without dead angle, all-round coverage for air disinfection and surface disinfection; spectral sterilization which is thorough and effective in elimination of multi-drug resistant bacteria; rapid disinfection without residue.

2. Push button to start, automatic disinfection, no need human intervention, more safe for operators.

3.WIFI connection, touch screen control, precision electronic instrument to control H2O2.

4. Disinfection concentration can be monitored in real time, disinfection data can be recorded, traceable

5. Disinfectant no need preparation at site, more convenient to use.

Disinfectant reserve volume:2000ml

Sterilization capability:0-500cbm area

Disinfectant: 35% food grade H2O2

Working temp.:10-40

Total weight:80kg

Control: wireless remote control on tablet


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