Clean Room Bench
Clean Room Bench
Clean Room Bench
  • Introduction
  • Structure
  • Working principle
The cleanroom bench is a box-type air purification facility that can not only provide a local dust-free clean、operating environment with a cleanliness class of 100 (ISO Class 5) [1], but also enable the operator to discharge polluted air in the working area through a special filtering channel to avoid harm to people and the environment. It can maintain performance parameters across the working space under working conditions and meet the requirements for utilization in laboratories, such as wind speed, air cleanliness, noise, vibration and lighting. It is widely used in biological laboratories, medical treatment and public health, biopharmacy and other related industries. And it is conducive to improving processes, protecting health of the operator and enhancing product quality and yield.
The cleanroom bench is mainly composed of box, fan, primary filter, high efficiency filter and the power supply.
The working principle of the cleanroom bench is that: Air is sucked into the facility through the fan, sent to the plenum chamber, filtered by the high efficiency filter and then sent out as vertical or horizontal airflow. The filtered output air can make the operating area reach Class 100 cleanliness and thus form sterile working environment with high cleanliness level.
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